A Meaningful Life

Intentional living is what happens when you “wake up” to your self. Many people go through life in a kind of trance – they never question their own beliefs and habits, and keep doing what comes next. Some wake up slightly when they have a mid-life crisis, in which they realize that life is happening to them, and that where they are is not so much a result of intention as it is habit and following the beliefs that they were raised with. Others grow out of their limited perceptions because of a drive to succeed, or strong goals, which leads them to reflect on their beliefs and views to see if they actually produce the desired results. In the process they discover that many things that they thought were “reality” turn out to be unquestioned assumptions and habits of thought. Some people have a shocking or traumatic event, which leads them to re-examine their priorities and values, starting a process of self discovery. For some, spirituality or a peak experience leads to a deeper awareness that their “self” is more than a personality with a body. This gives them an ability to rest into something deeper than any one view, and a corresponding freedom to examine what is real, often discovering layers of beliefs that surprisingly are just one choice among many. Some people discover in therapy that who they thought they were was just that – a complex of thought and emotion, often chosen in the pressure of the moment without much awareness. They gain the freedom to choose, where there was no understanding that a choice was available.  For some, service or love opens their heart, revealing meaning and and a new perspective.

The problem with unquestioned assumptions is that you can’t see them. The fish never considers that life is lived in water. Be sensitive for opportunities for dis-illusionment. There may be more to life…


About Tim Torian, Torian Group, Inc.

Tim Torian is the owner and president of Torian Group Inc. He was recognized as Entrepreneur of the year for 2008 by the Tulare County EDC. He is a Cisco CCNA and CCAI, and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. He has a BS Degree in Computer Science, and has been working with computers since 1973 (over 35 years). He is a consultant on technology for the Central California Small Business Development Center. He is has taught at College of Sequoias and Cal Poly Extension, and is President of the local Network Admistrators User's group. Tim provides network and design services to clients, and manages the company.
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